Sustainability + Climate

Jun 29, 20230 commentsPulp Pantry
The Farm Bill, an important piece of agricultural legislation, has traditionally focused on farming and food policies. Surprisingly, it did not include any legislation related to food waste until 2018....
Apr 20, 20230 commentsPulp Pantry
Food brands have a unique opportunity to drive positive change throughout the supply chain and to empower you as consumers to make sustainable eating choices. By adopting sustainable practices, promoting...
Apr 13, 20230 commentsPulp Pantry
It's Food Waste Prevention Week! And we're coming in hot with a soupy recipe that will utilize all of your vegetable stalks and stems.
Apr 01, 20220 commentsPulp Pantry
Plastics have become essential components of products and packaging because they are durable, lightweight, and cheap. But the hidden costs of plastics significantly outweigh their benefits.
Jan 31, 20220 commentsPulp Pantry
By Farah Stack   Whether it’s leftover juice pulp or plastic in the environment, we love picking up what’s been left behind to create a more sustainable future. Pulp Pantry...
Jan 20, 20220 commentsPulp Pantry
California is kicking off 2022 with the largest mandatory composting law in the nation that makes composting more accessible and tackles food insecurity.