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You can order from us directly. Reach out to Jackie@pulppantry.com for order inquiries and more. We'd love to get to know you and your needs. 



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More about Pulp Pantry: 

The future of snacking isn’t just better for people - it’s better for the planet.

Pulp Pantry crafts everyday pantry staples that put nutritiousness, deliciousness and sustainability first. Pulp is our namesake and signature ingredient: the fiber leftover after juicing organic, farm-grown vegetables. Our newly launched grain-free, veggie Pulp Chips are made from organic upcycled kale and celery fiber, organic upcycled okara flour, cassava, and superfoods like chia seeds. Each bag contains a full day's serving of good-for-your-gut fiber.

Oh, and our packaging is Certified Plastic Neutral by Repurpose Global. Welcome to the next generation of craveable "junk food" made better for you, and better for the planet.