Get inspired: Zero Waste Living with Celia, from Litterless

Aug 27, 2018Kaitlin Mogentale
Get inspired: Zero Waste Living with Celia, from Litterless

Hi, my name is Guilia and I'm an intern for Pulp Pantry!

I reached out to zero waste lifestyle blogger, Celia of Litterless, to ask for her advice about ways to reduce one's waste and begin the transition to a more waste-free lifestyle!

You can check out Celia's blog at


What advice do you have to offer to someone who is trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle?


Start slowly. It can be tempting to try to fix all of the world's problems in one go: but of course, that's not possible. Instead, small changes are the ones that actually stick, so taking time to start one habit, then add another one only when the first one feels like second nature.



What are some of the best ways in which people can minimize their environmental impact?


We're all passionate about different things: some folks are firm believers in bike commuting, others can talk for hours about solar panels, still others gravitate toward the farmers' market every weekend to stock up on local foods. For me, what I'm passionate about is reducing my plastic usage, purchasing food in bulk, and composting - three components of a "zero waste" lifestyle. I think the most impactful way to approach sustainable living is to find the angle that lights you up and pursue it; then, slowly take on more once you've built habits that stick.

Celia's reusable safety razor.



Were there any changes you made to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle that were surprisingly easy?


Composting has been much easier than I expected. Since I live in an apartment in the city, I don't have a backyard. Instead, I use a compost pick-up service, where a delivery guy on a bike swings by my house once a month to pick up the bucket full of food scraps and swap it out with a fresh one. I love not having to do a thing! 

Visit for more on Celia, and more resources such as her "Where to Shop" and "Where to Compost" guides to find local zero waste resources in your community.

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