Black Friday Opt-Out

Nov 29, 2019Pulp Pantry
Black Friday Opt-Out

We are in a state of overconsumption. It is time to stop buying things we don't need, and invest our resources in things we care about. Ways to opt out:

OPT OUTSIDE. Turn off the lights and head out the door to enjoy a day in nature.

OPT to DIY. Get crafty with what you have and make something special for your loved ones. Some fun examples: 10-minute Sweater Mittens,  DIY Coffee ScrubT-shirt BagsSucculent, Wine CorksDenim CoastersMap Wall Art.

OPT to ACT. Pick up trash, volunteer your time, or donate $ to causes that create the world you want to see. See REI's Opt to Act campaign.

OPT to THRIFT. There are so many treasures out there to find. Refuse to buy new things. Every dollar you put towards consumerism fuels the industry to make more and more.

And lastly, if you decide to buy something this Black Friday, find a company that supports sustainable, ethical practices. 

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