Sustainable Gift Giving 101: Last Minute Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Dec 17, 2019Pulp Pantry
Sustainable Gift Giving 101: Last Minute Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

With the holidays fast approaching many of us are left scrambling for the perfect gift to give our loved ones. We are here to help you do just that- with the added benefit of spreading the joy of sustainability. Its 2019 and doing your part to reduce waste on our earth should be at the top of your to-do list. Whether you’re trying to live a zero waste lifestyle, or know someone who is, gift giving around the holidays just feels better if the items you’re purchasing have a greater cause beyond the present. From DIY ideas, gifts that lower your environmental footprint, to eco-friendly gift wrapping alternatives we’ve got you covered!

Remember, there is no shame in re-gifting or thrift shopping for second-hand gifts, as it is much better for the environment. But if you are tempted to splurge on someone special this list will help you on finding the perfect sustainable present.

Have someone on your list who is a movie feen or book worm? Giving the gift of entertainment is a unique idea that you don’t even have to worry about wrapping! How about a years membership to a streaming site or an audiobook subscription? You can help a friend start their new year’s resolution early by getting a head start on their reading list or spoiling to some much deserved down time binge watching their favorite TV shows.

Mason Jars filled with goodies:
Filling up a few glass mason jars can be a wonderful gift for just about anyone. You can fill them with vegan makeup brushes for your beauty guru friend, yummy snacks and sugar free candy or a DIY beauty product. They are perfect for packaging homemade body scrubs, lotions, or shaving cream. They will not only make your products remain fresh longer, but they will help make storing easy and aesthetically pleasing. Put a pretty bow around the lid, add a personalized tag, and your gift is ready to go.

Shampoo & Conditioner Bar:
Not only will you be giving the gift of self-care, but you will help reduce plastic use as well. One bar of soap can be equivalent to up to three plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles. You can go all out and include an organic body bar as well to create your own eco friendly bathing kit.

Reusable Produce and Grocery Bag:
Everyone has to make the inevitable grocery shopping trip, so why not make it ecological and trendy? You can use the bags as the actual gift or stocking stuffer, or use it as a gift wrap alternative. The earth and your friend will thank you.

Do Good on their Behalf:

  • Donate to a cause they are passionate about
  • Plant a tree
  • Sponsor an endangered species

Gift Wrapping Alternatives

  • Festival or patterned drawstring bags: These can be gifted on their own as well as filled with goodies as stocking alternatives.
  • Newspaper pages can be a personalized gift wrap with articles on topics that may be of interest to them (favorite celebrity, favorite sports team, etc.)
  • An old map can give a vintage feel and a personal touch for a friend that has the travel bug.
  • Tying: bows, ribbons (skip the tape)

Quick tip! Use old holiday cards, you know the ones that are given with just a signature on them? Well, a cool way to reuse them would be to cut them up in different shapes to create holiday gift tags.

You’re probably thinking “You mean I can spread joy AND help change the world?” The answer is YES! There is no act too small when it comes to having a positive impact on our Earth. Mindful gifting is where it’s at. 


Sustainable Gift Guide Author: Heidy Toribio

(also known as Buffy)

Buffy is on a mission to show you Green IS Glam! Teacher by day Content Creator by night; She writes about all things Green, Ethical & Sustainable, Cruelty-Free Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion. She is always fighting for a cause and looking fabulous while doing it. 


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