How to Be a More Sustainable Shopper

Mar 19, 2021Pulp Pantry
Sustainable Shopper

It may not seem like it, but the small decisions we make in our daily lives to be more eco and climate-conscious can add up in a big way. If we all commit to being more sustainable shoppers, even gradually, it could reduce or slow the effects of climate change and make for a cleaner world.

Many of the things that you can do to be a more sustainable shopper and consumer can be done immediately and require little effort on your part.

The following are some ideas to get started.

Stop Buying Fast Fashion

So-called fast fashion is one of the world’s biggest sources of pollution. The industry is also known for its poor treatment of employees.

Stop with fast fashion. Instead, consider investing in items like sustainable sneakers or vegan sneakers and sustainable clothing items.  

There are so many benefits of this. These items are made to be durable so that you aren’t constantly throwing them away. They’re also made using fair labor practices, with renewable or recycled materials.

Along with buying sustainable clothes and shoes, you can also buy second-hand, and when you’re done with an item, rather than throwing it away you should donate or resell it.

Buy Less Meat

If possible, try to buy and consume less meat. Methane is produced by lamb and beef, and the process of processing these items can produce a lot more carbon compared to other types of food. Some organizations believe you can reduce your carbon footprint by 50% by becoming a vegetarian.

At the same time, as you work toward eating less meat, think about either buying local items from farmers so that there’s less transport involved, or maybe you even create a garden in your backyard.

The shorter the distance your food has to travel, the better for the environment.

Buy Fewer Items That Are Higher-Quality

This goes back to the recommendations to avoid fast fashion but overall think about consuming less. When you buy items, maybe you spend a little more to get something great that will last a long time, as opposed to buying more things of lower quality.

Make Your Own Household Items

From cleaning products to cosmetics, there are a lot of things you use around your home that you can make on your own. It’s more sustainable and better for the environment, and you’ll also know everything that’s going into the products, so you’re reducing your exposure to toxins.

Buy From Sustainable Companies

If you want to be a more sustainable consumer, try to support the companies and brands that share your values. When you support green companies, then you’re encouraging others to follow in their footsteps. A lot of eco-centric brands also donate money from each purchase to causes they believe in.

Overall, being a more sustainable shopper relies on educating yourself and learning more about where things come from and where they end up. When you learn more, you can make the right choices for your life that will also help the environment.

Guest Article by Lisa Silva

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