How is Pulp Pantry Granola Made?

Jun 01, 2019Kaitlin Mogentale
How is Pulp Pantry Granola Made?

If you've ever wondered....


And then, wondered how the heck we might be turning vegetable fiber into a sweet pantry staple, well, you're not alone. And we'd like to tell you it's just pure magic...but we're just normal humans crafting snacks, in a kitchen, from what otherwise would be waste. 

We partnered with some amazing local Los Angeles juiceries who had a common problem - what to do with all of that fiber that resulted after juicing fruits and vegetables?

We approached them with a solution: let's use it to make delicious snacks that would make it easier for everyone to eat more servings of fruits and vegetables. And thus, our Pulp Pantry granolas were born - out of a small rental kitchen in Los Angeles, sold through farmer's markets, and eventually to retail partners who believed in offering more sustainable, healthy products to their customers. 

We're proud to highlight some of the juiceries we've worked with to source pulp, each committed to squeezing as much value out of every fruit and vegetable, keeping waste to a minimum. 

1. Raw Juicery:  A Los Angeles based Juice Cleanse and Raw Beverage Specialist featuring certified organic Ingredients and superior methods.

"From Day 1, conscious sourcing, sustainable practices, and continuously perfecting our craft have been at the core of every decision we make. We’ve never been defined by trends. Our inspiration is drawn from creating products that are guilt-free any way you look at it. That’s why we scrutinize every ingredient for taste and potency from growers that value purity over yield. This is our raw ethos."


Raw Juicery Skinny Juice Cleanse

2.  Made with Love Wellness:  Raw, cold pressed juice, nut mylks, cryotherapy, plant based wellness - all made with love!

"From conception, MWL’s mission has been to get real food to the masses through innovation and product transparency. Offering nutrient-dense products made from 100% organic ingredients and refusing to compromise when it comes to the integrity in each bottle is MWL's promise. We hope you will see, taste, and feel the difference!"


(Previously Renew Juicery)

Made with Love Welness Plant-based Nut Mylk

3. The Butcher's Daughter: a plant-based restaurant, cafe, juice bar and “vegetable slaughterhouse." The Butcher's daughter
"[treats] fruits and vegetables as a butcher would meat: We chop, fillet and carve fresh produce into healthy vegetarian dishes and press them into pretty juices. "

"We take pride in our daily-changing menu, which is 100% vegetarian, and mostly vegan and gluten-free. We can always prepare substitutions for most dietary restrictions. At The Butcher’s Daughter, we are committed to buying produce from local and organic farms. The fruits and veggies taste better and it also supports our community’s sustainability. We also design or menus so that you can “eat with the season.” Each month brings new produce highlighted in special dishes, juices and cocktails at each of our restaurants. "


Butcher's Daughter plant-based fruit and veggie juice flight

4. Juice Farm:  Cold pressed juices, smoothies, wellness shots, and cold brewed coffee made with 100% organic ingredients.

"We at JuiceFarm use only the highest quality organic produce available. Our custom built cold press juicer gently applies 15,000 pounds of pressure, which avoids the heating effects of conventional juicers. This process helps keep the cellular walls intact while retaining the highest amount of natural enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, without any additives or pasteurization. Our bottles contain the purest juice that can possibly be made. "


Citrus Carrot Ginger plant-based, cold pressed juice from Juice Farm
plant-based, cold pressed juice from Juice Farm

From pulp to granola.

Before baking, all recipes are crafted carefully, with nutrition and simplicity as a priority, producing recipes with less than 10 ingredients.

As a student at University of Southern California, Kaitlin Mogentale investigated her local juiceries, and was amazed that the waste pulp, a superfood high in nutritional benefits, especially fiber, was going to waste (Read Jeanne Rosner's piece on fiber and gut health: "Fiber is Your Friend", on our blog!).

But what are the benefits of pulp? Through our research, we found that pulp carried all of the fiber, 1/3 the amount of sugar, and 1/2 the nutrients of the whole fresh fruits and veggies - and Kaitlin had to find a way to utilize it!

Pulp Pantry granolas are not really granolas. For a time, they were even called "This is Not Granola," a nod to the fact that our granolas were made from as much as 80% upcycled ingredients, with vegetables as the first ingredient.

Our granolas are a delicious solution to keeping all of that nutritious food out of our landfills, made in collaboration with the ultra-talented local pastry chef Justine Hernandez of Just What I Kneaded.

Pulp Pantry Grain-Free, Paleo, Raw, Gluten-free, Organic, Local, Plant-based, dairy-free, refined-sugar free granola sampler
Pulp Pantry Grain-Free, Paleo, Raw, Gluten-free, Organic, Local, Plant-based, dairy-free, refined-sugar free granola and crisps final products
Pouring raw, organic juice pulp

Where: Our granola is handmade locally in a commercial kitchen in Los Angeles, California.


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