So Many Ways to Enjoy Your Pulp Chips. Here Are Our Top 5 Recipes.

May 19, 2020Pulp Pantry
So Many Ways to Enjoy Your Pulp Chips. Here Are Our Top 5 Recipes.

Pulp Chips are Made from Pressed Veggies. But shhh! You wouldn't know it just by tasting them.

With 5g of gut-healthy fiber & prebiotics in each serving, Pulp Chips are the best go-to snack to satisfy hunger AND cravings. 

There is no shortage of pairings for these versatile, shareable chips, but we're selecting from some of our favorite healthy recipes that you can make from home with ease. There's always more on our blog for you to explore. 

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1. Shareable Plant Based Nachos

2. The Perfect Happy-Hour Charcuterie Spreads

3. Dipped in Flavorful Pickled Jalapeño Hummus

4. Served like Crackers with Homemade Almond-Based Cheese

5. As a Crunchy Grain-Free Crouton For Salads & Soups

6. On Their Own!

Try all of our craveable, junk-free flavors.


About Pulp Pantry

Pulp Pantry turns overlooked resources like upcycled vegetable juice pulp into wholesome everyday snacks that make it convenient and delicious to eat more servings of vegetables and fiber. Pair them with dips, top them on your salad, or dig in as an afternoon snack. A delicious, satisfying, crunchy, nutritious snack for every day (hello extra veggies, and fiber).

With 4 to 5g fiber & prebiotics in each serving, Pulp Chips the best go-to snack to satisfy cravings and hunger.

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