The Holiday Gift Guide: Upcycled Edit

Dec 19, 2021Pulp Pantry
The Holiday Gift Guide: Upcycled Edit

Last minute gifts that don't suck? We gotchu with thoughtful gifts that spread the sustainable spirit. 

Introducing the Pulp Pantry gift guide for 2021's holiday season. The upcycled edit!

Under $100 or $100(ish)

Dos Swim upcycled bucket hat


Ok, this one is $125, but worth it. Check out these details:

Each hat is unique: a one of a kind handmade bucket hat, made from 70s Vintage Towels. 100% Cotton.

Upcycled, but make it fashun. 

By Dos Swim


Re_Grocery zero waste starter kits

Re_Grocery is one of our newest obsessions. You can shop their selections IRL and bring your own vessels to refill everything from pantry staples, cleaning supplies, bath and body care, and more.

Shop their curated gift sets for the aspiring zero / low waste warrior in your life.

On Sale Now: the low waste bathroom and kitchen set - from $67! 

What's Inside (Low Waste Kitchen Set): 

  • 1 gal Glass Jar
  • re_ Produce Bag, Medium
  • re_ String Bag
  • EVOO, All-Purpose, 16 oz Bottle
  • Bottle Pourer, Gold
  • Celtic Sea Salt, 4 oz Jar
  • Clevr Matcha Superlatte, 4 oz Jar
  • Dish Block
  • Dish Brush
  • Swedish Dish Cloth
  • Tea Strainer

Psst - Want to go even further? Check out more low & zero waste offerings for home & beauty from our friends at No Tox Life, makers of the Dish Block included in the re_grocery set. 


Our favorite selection of Zero Waste Cookbooks

For the avid chef? Or the friend tryna turn over a leaf in the new year? Gift them our selection of favorite zero-waste cookbooks:


  • More Plants Less Waste: Plant-Based Recipes + Zero Waste Life Hacks with Purpose by Max La Manna 

Why We Love It: "In his first cookbook he shares 80 of his tasty, healthy recipes that will help you save money, food and eat well. Get your taste buds watering with recipes for sumptuous Spaghetti Bolognese, Crunchy Cauliflower Curry and Leftover Veggie Nachos in a Hurry just to name a few!" 

  • Waste Not: How To Get The Most From Your Food by the James Beard Foundation 

Why We Love It: "The average American household throws away more than $1,500 worth of food every year. Featuring 100 recipes from chefs such as Rick Bayless, Elizabeth Falkner, Bryant Terry, and Katie Button, Waste Not shows readers how to turn ingredients that often end up in the trash into delicious dishes and exciting takes on tried-and-true recipes."

  • Eating for Pleasure, People and Planet: Plant-based, Zero-Waste, Climate Cuisine by Tom Hunt

Why We Love It: "Tom Hunt is on a mission to have us all sourcing, cooking, and eating more consciously every day to help fight food waste and climate change. His recipes are seasonal and sustainable, enabling us to eat better food that supports not only our health but also the well-being of the planet."

DIY Plant-Based Charcuterie Kit by Pulp Pantry

Our holiday charcuterie kit - duh! Create your own plant-based charcuterie board with us. Pulp Pantry partnered with the Vreamery, an award-winning California plant-based cheese maker, to provide DIY cheese-making & build-your-own charcuterie kits for the holiday season.

Added Bonus: each kit gives back. We donate 5% of sales to Safe Place for Youth (SPY) benefitting youth experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.

Everybody.World cozy 100% recycled cotton sweats and trash tees

Everybody.World sweats and tees are fail proof. Comfy, cozy, and sustainable. You literally cannot go wrong.

The materials used are safe and natural: 100% Recycled Cotton. 100% Natural Dye. Made in USA. and best of all, 99.5% Biodegradable (everything but the label!). Their natural dyes and colors are created from plant matter like indigo and logwood.

Why We Love It: "EVERYBODY.WORLD has created entirely new fabrics—from trash. These 100% Recycled Cotton jersey and fleece garments are made from reclaimed cotton manufacturing waste then knit, cut, sewn and dyed in Los Angeles. They're the first of their kind on Spaceship Earth."

Prices from $100 and up.



Denimcratic Upcycled Puffer Vests, Denim and More

Denimcratic is a woman-owned, Los Angeles-based brand that creates one-of-a-kind pieces from recycled garments. Take, for example, the playful upcycled Denim Vest puffer, or founder Gabi's unique tees that have been featured on the likes of Hailey Bieber.  

Why We Love It: "with a mission to reduce the environmental footprint of the fashion industry, each garment is recycled, one-of-a-kind, and subject to unique quirks with each handmade piece." très chic.


SPLURGE. Over $200

Flamingo House Upcycle Your Tree into an aromatic hydrosol

NYC + LA Only. Flamingo Estate will pick up your tree early January and transform it into an aromatic hydrosol. Your tree’s branches will be steam distilled using our alembic still, and the essential oils will be personally bottled for you in January. Any waste will be used as compost in our orchard.

We're obsessed with this ingenuity. Nuff said.

Ok, we've reached the end but there's one more (no photo) that you need to know about. 

It's the recently launched Lomi Composter - in just 4 hours, you can turn your kitchen scraps into compost with the push of a button. 

Why We Love It: Using Lomi twice a week can reduce your waste footprint by 50%. As a last stop for any food scraps that can't be used, we like the sound of that. 


Happy Holidays! To you and yours from the Pulp Pantry team. 

& special thank you to the Velvetyne Type Foundry for their generous sharing of our cover photo fonts. 

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