Welcome our Recipe Editor, Aleigh Michelle

Jan 01, 2022Pulp Pantry
Welcome our Recipe Editor, Aleigh Michelle

We have a new face on the Pulp team, so we asked her to introduce herself. Meet Aleigh, who will be (virtually) feeding you lots of delicious recipes for weeks to come. We've asked Aleigh to help us create delicious recipes that will help to fight food waste at home. 

 Aleigh Michelle!

AM: Hi! I’m Aleigh. You say like “Allie”. 

I’m a self taught photographer, and recipe creator. I’ve been a foodie my whole life and am extremely passionate about all things health and wellness. With that said, I love incorporating any sort of eco friendly methods into my cooking and lifestyle. I’m always finding fun and new ways to use food to make life easier, tastier, and more efficient.


KM: First off, could you tell me a little bit about your personal journey. What inspired you to start creating recipes and content? 


AM: I’m extremely thankful to my mother for always pushing me to try new foods, cook with her, and create with her. She is what got me into cooking in the first place as she’s an amazing cook. I grew up eating a wide variety of foods. I was always told by my parents that I can’t not try something. I don’t have to like it but I have to at least try it. I’m very grateful for this because it’s allowed me to be open minded in my cooking and adventurous. 


KM: What is your philosophy on how you choose what products you buy at home? Do you follow any zero waste or low waste principles at home?

AM: I always want to eat as organic and local as possible. I feel very privileged to have so much amazing local and organic produce all around me. I am constantly trying to use up as much of my produce and never let anything go to waste. Veggie broth is a big staple in my home and it lets me use up many if not all of my veg scraps. It’s great! 


KM: How do you plan your shopping list and what's your process for getting creative, brainstorming a new recipe at home? 


AM: I follow so many food bloggers and am inspired daily by them. Whenever I go grocery shopping I always have my staple produce items that I know I’m going to use up throughout the week. I make sure I’m using lots of produce that’s in season. Always checking off many grains and making large batches all at once that I can use up throughout the week. I always want to explore new foods, spices, and grains and am always looking for new things to try. 


KM: Let's get a run down of "Aleigh's Must Haves." Can you share your favorite kitchen tools, condiments or pantry staples, or go-to recipe hacks? 


AM: My pantry go-to’s are definitely an organic and real olive oil. That along with my vegetable cleaver and cast iron skillet are probably my biggest staples. They’re tried and true and never let me down. 


Photo by Aleigh 

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Pulp Pantry turns overlooked resources like upcycled vegetable juice pulp into wholesome everyday snacks that make it convenient and delicious to eat more servings of vegetables and fiber. Pair them with dips, top them on your salad, or dig in as an afternoon snack. A delicious, satisfying, crunchy, nutritious snack for every day (hello extra veggies, and fiber).

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